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Affordable Housing Preservation

Contributing to the affordability problem in Metro Atlanta is the fact that a significant number of subsidized rental homes are coming to the end of their initial subsidy period. When you factor in a booming rental market in metro Atlanta, these subsidized properties are vulnerable to becoming market rate properties, which would reduce the availability of affordable rental housing even more. This makes affordable property preservation a priority in metro Atlanta.

Why should we prioritize affordable housing preservation? It is less expensive and smarter to preserve the affordable housing stock that the nation has already paid to construct.

  • Preservation typically costs about one-half to two-thirds as much as new construction.
  • Preservation enables people to stay in their homes and neighborhoods, where they can take advantage of improvements such as better performing schools, improved job access and increased access to transit as neighborhoods gentrify.
  • Rehabilitation that focuses on energy-efficient upgrades can save tenants, government agencies and owners money.

To aid in prioritizing affordable housing preservation, Enterprise Community Partners, Neighborhood Nexus, and the Atlanta Regional Commission have developed this online mapping website, which highlights subsidized properties in Metro Atlanta and their subsidy expiration dates.    

This data is intended to increase awareness of expiring subsidies and aid in prioritization of properties for preservation. This data can be utilized to identify expiring properties which then can be further researched and analyzed, to aid in development of preservation solutions.

Data Sources:

The primary data source utilized is the National Housing Preservation Database, which incorporates all available data on federally subsidized housing properties and includes nine separate funding streams. The data provided is all publicly available.

While every effort has been made to clean data and ensure accuracy, all properties have not yet been individually reviewed due to volume of data. Initial priority for data review was placed on properties in proximity to MARTA rail stations, and those in the City of Atlanta.

Users may report any omissions or inaccuracies noted on the mapping site by contacting