Income Inequality

Economic Research Topics:

  • Income inequality has widened in recent years in both large cities and the nation as a whole.


  • This trend is commonly documented through two measures—the 95/20 ratio, which is the ratio of incomes at the 95th percentile to those at the 20th percentile. In 2013, it required having households in your 98th percentile register incomes of more than $288,000, while having those in the 20th percentile earning a hair under $15,000.


  • The city of Atlanta ranked #1, in both 2012 and 2013, with the widest income gaps in the 95/20 ratio.


  • The city of Atlanta also ranked #1 using the GINI coefficient (a measure of inequality on a scale from zero to one), in which zero reflects complete equality (everyone has equal income), and one reflects complete inequality (one person has all of the income).