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Project Description

Having an educated workforce is critical to a highly-functioning economy. The ability to thrive in school and meeting key benchmarks like 3rd grade reading proficiency, 8th grade math proficiency, graduating high school and, finally, getting a post-secondary degree or credential, will be key in keeping the Atlanta region a prosperous place.

Additional Information

One of the primary challenges facing the Atlanta region is ensuring a properly trained and properly educated workforce. There is a wide “education gap” in the region, where the amount of education required for the average job opening is more than six percent larger than the education the average worker has obtained. The education indicators will include several indicators of student success all along the pipeline – early education, K-12 and post-secondary, as well as how the well-educated contribute to the economy.

The education research topics spotlights education within primary and secondary schools. Click on one of the topic groupings below.