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Project Description

If you don’t have your health, it really doesn’t matter how much income you earn or how educated you are. As the region’s population continues to age and more research comes to light about how community design affects public health, it will be important to track health outcomes of metro Atlanta’s residents and neighborhoods. Because place matters for health, as does a myriad of other factors.

Additional Information

This page will highlight several public health topics and, where possible, show how certain social determinants of health are driving these outcomes. In general, neighborhoods with poorer socioeconomic outcomes will also have poorer health outcomes. And race matters too. Given that the Atlanta region’s neighborhoods are largely organized by race, exploring differences in neighborhood health outcomes is critically important. We will be posting up a lot more on this topic constantly, so be sure to check back often to gauge how the region is doing in promoting healthy places.

The  health research topics spotlights the growth of the region’s health and births. Click on one of the topic groupings below.