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Our Services for the Public Good:

Neighborhood Nexus’ mission is provide data, tools and expertise as a catalyst to promote healthy communities and create opportunity for all citizens of the 20-county greater Atlanta area. We intend to fulfill this mission, to the extent possible, for no fee. The Website will be maintained with the most recent data, publications, profiles and tools for anyone to use.

Our Services for Fee:

Neighborhood Nexus takes a much deeper dive to develop customized client-driven products for a fee. This includes multiple visualization tools merged with the latest data to focus on area-specific data, to identify critical metrics and assets, and to  track numerous indicators in interactive, easy-to-use interfaces. We also work with large and small nonprofits to help build capacity, meet demands from grantors, and assist with long range, effective planning. The Neighborhood Nexus team has the expertise and skillsets to serve as community conveneers to help community activists and shareholders understand data at the ground level.

Consulting and Technical Assistance:

Neighborhood Nexus’ strength is its partnerships – we have a lot of technical and practical expertise at our disposal. In addition to our Core Partners and our Advisory Board, we are constantly making new connections with community, neighborhood, business, government and university partners.

Dynamic Dashboards:

Our Data Dashboards allow clients to track the data that is most important to them. Whether the dashboard compares your community to some other, relevant community, or whether you need something to compare progress over time, Neighborhood Nexus can customize a dashboard for both these purposes, and more.

Interactive Mapping:

Simply providing data on a website is not enough. Visualizing data and telling your own stories with the data are key. While Weave is designed more for the data and technologically savvy individual, it is a feature-rich way to explore neighborhood trends and gain a deeper understanding of the trends and patterns that exist. We can customize Weave for any geography, while maintaining its powerful analytical capabilities.

Asset Mapping:

One of the most requested products Neighborhood Nexus receives is for an Asset Map. Let’s face it – people working in neighborhoods day-in and day-out already know what the problems are and where they are. What they need to know and would like to show others is what organization is providing what service where. In other words, they need a map of service providers. This way, they can compare the data (i.e. food stamp recipients) to the assets (i.e. grocery stores) and determine if a gap exists.

Reports and Profiles:

While we live in a digital world, sometimes a one-time, deeper dive into a specific topic is needed. Neighborhood Nexus can draw on a wealth of expertise through our partnerships and collaborations with the academic community. We  have Profiles that do not contain any narrative, but give you a quick look at a lot of data for counties, state legislature districts, cities, superdistricts, Atlanta neighborhoods of your choice. We also provide a map so you can find your district.


If you have been checking out our site, you see that we have a lot of stuff on here. We understand that while we LOVE data and use data A LOT, you probably don’t have time to sift through all these maps and tools to find what you want. If you want to become more data literate, schedule a training for your organization and learn how to get the most out of this site.